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Digital Marketing- An Overview

By Aliakber Calcuttawala

” At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands.”

Digital Marketing has transformed how businesses and other organizations communicate with their audience. The 5D’s of Digital Marketing ( Digital devices, digital platforms, digital media , digital data and digital technology) can be used, alongside traditional marketing techniques, to get closer to audiences. In today’s world, a lot of consumers regularly use social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit and Twitter as part of their daily lives, with the majority of access via smartphones. Engaging with these consumers is an ongoing-challenge for all the companies.

The growth in digital communications is put into context by this trend analysis from Cisco (2017), showing how in the early days of the global internet, traffic in a day was less than 100 Gigabytes (GB), which today is the storage capacity of a smartphone:-

  • 1992- 100 GB per day
  • 1997- 100 GB per hour
  • 2002- 100 GB per second
  • 2007- 2000 GB per second
  • 2016- 26,600 GB per second
  • 2021- 105,800 GB per second

To  develop a sound digital strategy today involves understanding a more complex, more competitive buying environment than ever before, with customer journeys involving many different forms of online presence. To help develop a strategy to reach and influence potential customers online, its common place to refer to three main types of media channels that marketers need to consider today:-

  1. Paid Media- Also known as bought media, a direct payment occurs to a site owner or an ad network when they serve an ad, a sponsorship or pay for a click, lead or sale generated. Online medium- affiliate marketing as well as offline medium- print and TV advertising.
  2. Owned Media- This is media owned by the brand. Online, this includes a company’s own websites, blogs, email list, mobile apps or their social presence on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Offline owned media may include brochures or retail stores.
  3. Earned Media- Traditionally, earned media has been the name given to publicity generated through PR invested in targeting influencers to increase awareness about a brand. Now earned media also includes word of mouth that can be stimulated through viral and social media marketing, and conversations in social networks, blogs and other communities.

Digital Marketers:- Until a decade ago, we all knew about marketers, but with the advent of digital marketing and its eventual demand and prominence, there are digital marketers. This much-needed breed of marketing professionals is skilled in all areas of digital marketing. They know the ABCs of driving brand awareness and business through all the online channels-from email to website, social media to SEO.

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